Three Beautifully Furnished Homes
with Accommodations for 8 to 10, a Boathouse with 180' Dock on a Mile of Oceanfront,
Private, White Beaches and Much More.

The Main House

The main home on the Cay is composed of three separate segments, or buildings, with a total of 3211 sq. ft inside. The three segments are connected by covered outdoor breezeways and living areas that make up another 2210 sq. ft. All three buildings have 19 foot vaulted ceilings. The house is elevated 12 feet above the ground on seventy-five concrete pilings.

The largest segment (1722 sq. ft) consists of the main living area. The living room has a gas fireplace, four mahogany display cabinets, and a low mahogany entertainment cabinet. Between the living room and the kitchen is the regulation pool table and the wet bar. The kitchen has two 25 cu. ft side by side refrigerator/freezers, double gas ovens, gas cook top, microwave/convection oven, and double sinks with a disposal. The dining room is separate from the other rooms and has built-in china cabinets and a buffet. There is also a powder room and a huge pantry, which is capable of storing over a year’s supply of groceries.

The second portion of the house, which is 864 sq. ft, contains the master bedroom and sitting area, dressing area, a bathroom, and an outside storage room. There are built-in mahogany bookcases and cabinets in the bedroom, and the dressing room is completely built-in. The bathroom has two widely separated lavatories, a 4’x8′ all glass shower enclosure, and a separate toilet room. The outside storage room contains an upright freezer along with floor to ceiling storage shelves.

The third segment of the house is 625 sq. ft and contains the second bedroom, sitting area, dressing area, and bathroom. It also has many built-in mahogany bookcases and cabinets.

The deck is used extensively for daily living, and it has two seating areas and two dining areas. Adjacent to one seating area is an entertainment cabinet with a DVD player and television. At one corner of the deck a 300-gallon hot tub with gas heater has been cantilevered out. It is raised four feet above the rest of the deck and provides a beautiful view of the beach and surrounding foliage. On the deck there is also one gas grill and a BBQ pit.

Beneath the main house are three cisterns which hold 40,000 gallons and a 240 sq. ft. laundry and storage room.

The Guest Houses

The second home, which has been used as a guesthouse, is on the windward beach. It has 900 square feet inside and is raised on six-foot pilings. It consists of two segments connected by a 564 sq. ft covered deck and small garden. Both sides of the house have vaulted 12-foot ceilings. On the left side of the house is a full kitchen with a small gas stove and oven, a refrigerator with icemaker, double sinks with disposal and a breakfast bar. Adjacent to this is the bright and airy living room. There is also a large storage room on this side of the house.

The deck has outdoor seating for five, as well as a hammock. It serves as a funnel for the prevailing ocean breezes and includes a palm tree and almond tree in its center. Across the deck from the kitchen is the bedroom area. It has two bedrooms, each with generous mahogany storage cabinets and closets. Between the two bedrooms is a bath with a separate toilet and shower area.

The third home in the complex has been used as both a caretaker’s house and a guesthouse. It has 720 square feet inside and is situated looking out at the dock and the island of Guanaja. It is only 10 feet from the white beach and beautiful calm water on this side of the Cay. It is raised about three feet and has a 208 sq. ft covered porch running across the entire length of it. On the back of the house is a 350 sq. ft uncovered deck with a built-in table, benches and other seating.

The interior of this house is unique in that it is made entirely of mahogany. Being inside is like being in a large yacht. It has a full kitchen, dining area, living room, one bedroom and one bath. There is also a storage room adjacent to the house, which has a washer and dryer. Both houses that were just described have large adjacent cisterns.

Beach Party Area

Near the north end of the island is an outdoor beach party area with beautiful views of the sea. The area is supplied with water and electricity and has a well conceived sound system. There is also a very large BBQ pit capable of cooking an entire pig. It is built of brick and has two fireboxes, custom stainless steel doors, griddle, and hood (all of which were manufactured in the US) and a 20 foot stack.   


There is standard telephone service for local and worldwide calls. There is Internet Access with Wi-Fi. Satellite service provides high definition television with all the networks and other major channels. 

Boats, Dock and Boat House

Two boats come with the island.  One is a 21-foot Hydra Sport outboard runabout which is use by the family for shopping and outings.  It can also be used for water skiing and fishing. 

The other boat is a 32-foot fiberglass work boat called a “dory” locally.  This boat has an inboard diesel engine and can haul large loads and the staff uses it to travel the Cay each day.

The boat house has two slips under roof and a storage area.  A pump in the storeroom carries diesel to the power house when needed.  There is a Deco Power Lift in one slip which is used to pull the runabout out of the water.

The dock is 200 feet long and is put together with marine stainless steel bolts and screws.  There is a regulation Helipad on the dock. 


Electricity can be supplied in three different ways.

Normally electricity comes from the Guanaja power source known as Belco.  This electricity comes to the Cay in an undersea line.  

In case the “city” source fails, there is an automatic transfer switch that turns on a generator at the powerhouse on the Cay, and electricity is restored in less than 15 seconds.

The third source of electricity lies in two large General Motors diesel engines in the powerhouse.  


The Cay has over 70,000 gallons of cistern capacity, meaning that pure rainwater is always available for drinking and household use.  There are hot water heaters and pressure tanks at each of the three houses.

There is also an undersea water line that comes from the island of Guanaja.  This water is used for utilitarian needs such as cleaning the boats, roofs, and occasionally to water some of the landscaping.

Bodega, Workshop, and Storerooms

At the base of the dock there is a storeroom and workshop.  Here are the power and hand tools, work bench, bench saw, and other items needed to maintain the island. 

In addition, there are three other storerooms where landscaping equipment and other supplies are kept.

Laundry Room

The main laundry room is at the largest house and has a washer and dryer, granite folding tables, and large storage shelves.  There is also an upright freezer in this room. There are hookups for an additional washer and dryer at the smaller guest house.


There is a newly constructed regulation size helipad at the end of the dock.

Freight Elevator

A 5’ by 5’ freight elevator is adjacent to the main house and can used for large packages and other loads.  Though it is not rated for humans or pets, it can be used in lieu of the stairs if necessary.


There is a septic tank system for each house.  All plumbing throughout the island is made in the United States and meets the best standards.